Amazing 3d fractal gallery made with different 3d fractal software packages.

I love getting lost in  amazing fractal worlds made with different  3d fractals software packages. This 3d gallery is colorful, psychedelic, and fun.Fractals art is like photography or drone filming you can set your camera on auto mode or simply experiment with the different functions like  color balance, aperture, unlike photography you can’t miss your shot, just you and your world you are in control of everything. 

When working with Mandelbulb 3dMandelbulber my favorite formulas to start with are amazing box, amazing surf and loads of IFS. Although I also  use 2d fractal software packages, 3d fractals are my favorite.

Although mainly think that Fractal Art is not an art form just because it it is made by a computational math formula; the artist put the work with the “mise en scene” the moods and the colors. Hence why some fractal art is expensive and some not. One fractal opens the door to many worlds and your imagination runs wild.

Fractal Art usually falls under the psychedelic art, and triply or in art display from in a lot clubs or alternative events.